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Richard A Walloch 
Bothell WA 98012;
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Rick in a Nut Shell

I have been trained as a scientist, medical researcher, and software engineer. I am now semi-retired and consider myself a humorist. I can communicate with dogs because they are so smart. I can make myself understood to computers because they are so dumb. My own species offer the greatest challenges, because they are so complex.

Cancer Survivor

I am a cancer survivor, originally treated for head and neck cancer in the summer of 2008. However, the cancer came back; and I needed a total laryngectomy in the autum of 2011. I have developed a voice recorder application to help with either esophageal speech or the use of an electro larynx.

I was a Census Taker (Enumerator) for the United States 2010 Census. Although the position lasted a mere two months, it was delightful to work outdoors in the summer of 2010.

Photo the L


I am grateful for word processors and their spell-checkers. Without them, I certainly would post many additional errors. However, I don't have a gut-wrenching reaction every time I stumble upon a word misspelled. Except for one word: 'L'. I always wonder how anyone can misspell a single letter word. 'L' is spelled 'L' I have posted documentation to promote and defend the spelling of this most elementary of words.

Author / Freelance Writer / Suite101

Creative writing, technical writing, and freelance writing will be a new start for me. Many think that the three styles compete with each other, and an individual can only do one well. Perhaps. I will attempt all three.

Suite101 has been helped me advance my writing and search engine optimization abilities. Individuals become authors because they have something about which to write. Something they want to get off their chest. Suite101 helps me learn the interests of readers and how to shape my articles to address those interests.

Past Professions

I've been a member of the research faculty of a major medical school, where I published a small number of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. I've also been a software engineer, who improved algorithms for medical instruments. I was the inventor of several patents. Details can be found on my professional resumes.